Try Cordium


1) Copy the downloaded jar (from the email by filling in the above form) into a node’s “cordapp” folder

2) Start Corda node as usual

3) That’s it. Now Cordium is available at http://<<your corda node host>>:10000

Note:  If you want, once downloaded, you can rename it something more appropriate, as long as it ends in “.jar”

Optional Configuration

Cordium runs on port 10000 by default, you can override this by adding a config file to cordapps/config folder.

The config file should have the same name as the Cordium JAR file.

Example config:

cordiumPort = 12345


You’ll also be supplied with a license file when you fill in the above form. This can be used to integrate with an unlicensed generic version of cordium (that we will be publishing “soon”). To add your license to the cordium.jar, ensure you have both cordium.jar and your license file in the same directory, cd into that directory and use the following command:

jar -uf cordium.jar license.txt


See this support page

Reneo DLT