The most powerful all-in-one portal to your Corda node

What is Cordium?

Cordium started off as a very basic way to view states so that we could debug more quickly and easily (a lot more easily than going to the corda shell each time), and perhaps more importantly, a way to demonstrate to the techies who weren’t involved in the coding what was actually happening to each node – what their view of the ledger was. And as we used this tool, we found that we could integrate other useful bits that would often require a developer to jump from tool to tool in order to confirm what should be happening inside the node (for example, from the shell to a JDBC viewer, to the logfiles, to an IDE etc etc).  And so it evolved…

All-in-one CorDapp development tool

Cordium is a CorDapp living inside a Corda node, because of this Cordium can do a lot more than many other tools as it has direct access to Corda’s internal “bits” and it can expose a lot of functionalities that other tools have no access to.

Here are a list of features Cordium offers: 

First ever Corda App Store!

We have also created the first ever Corda App store!

You can browse, install and run new CorDapp using Cordium with out having to shutdown the node or fiddle with command line and docker images. Cordium downloads CorDapps from Reneo’s app repository and the app is made available to Corda node in runtime, without restarting the node! Try it out now and see it for yourself!

Also please contact us if you want to publish your app in the App Store

Pluggable Framework

We are planning to open source the Cordium platform and provide APIs for developers to extend Cordium! Using the API you can create a UI  or monitoring plugins for your CorDapp and Cordium will includes it and provide a unified entry point for all your apps, without having to create a web server for each of your CorDapps!

Follow our social media and #cordium in Corda slack for more news on Cordium open source and APIs.

As developers ourselves, we don’t think adding a license fee for people learning corda, individual developers learning Corda for their own professional development would be fair – so that’s why we are offering Cordium for those people free. Or, if you sit outside that category and have circumstances that you’d like to tell us about – please do. If it wasn’t obvious – we can only offer support for you on a “we’ll try and help you” basis. We do have a roadmap and if there are things that you really want to add, then let us know and we can prioritise it accordingly.

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