App Store

We have the first ever Corda App Store that downloads directly to your node while it’s still running

Now, according to most corda documentation, cordapps can only be installed by stopping the node and then restarting it. At Reneo we believed that, for a new cordapp install, this step was unnecessary. So we built a feature in cordium to allow user to browse a curated list of cordapps and then install them on the fly. 

However, for all of you who are slightly familiar with Corda, you’ll know that this tinkering may not be sustainable long term, so please note that although this nifty piece of research works well right now, it’s only because there isn’t a lot of separation in the Corda kernel between cordapps (hence we are able to load the app as if it were part of the startup sequence). Also.. we are pretty sure that if you try and load different versions of the same flows, states or contracts, things will probably start to go very wrong very quickly, so do not use this feature on a node that is not development. Don’t say you were not warned. 

Anyway, regardless of the above, here’s some screen grabs of it in action – or actually after it’s done its work as I couldn’t hit the screen grab button in time to show you the downloading gif.

Finally, if you want your cordapp featured in this list, get in touch. 

Reneo DLT